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[Litter-ature] Clive Barker - Galilee
ootori KYOUYA
karanguni wrote in bromatheon
About a sixth way through the book, and it's the first time in months - maybe years, god, I haven't read in so long - that I sat down for a solid three hours and did almost a hundred pages of a new author at one go. It's brilliant fantastic fiction (as opposed to fantasy, which comes High most of the time), like a more Rice-d out Gaiman, and jesus, he writes rich dynastic bastards better than I ever will.

More on this when I'm fangirling less hard. \o\


An unfortunate retraction - three quarts through the book and something dies; the relationships that are meant to be bedrocks fall through, and the suspension of disbelief can't hold up to tension strung out too long that it goes slack. DDDD:


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